FAQs For Startups Applying to the Future Africa Fund

FAQs For Startups Applying to the Future Africa Fund
November 3, 2021 Abbey
how future africa invests Frequently Asked Questions

From the last time we wrote an article on How Future Invests – Our Investment Process Explained, we have received many underlying questions around how we invest. To make it easier for you to find answers to your subsequent questions, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions in the past months and provided answers to them. 

Future Africa remains committed to providing capital, coaching, and a community that empowers founders to build a future where purpose and prosperity are within everyone’s reach. Capital is one of our primary vehicles of support. We show our commitment to building Africa’s future by investing capital into startups first and then layering coaching and community support.

Here are some of the questions: 

Q: Where do you invest?

At this time, we invest in companies based anywhere in the world but focus on solving problems in Africa. 

Q: What industries do you invest in?

We are sector-agnostic. We invest in high growth technology-driven companies across industries like Healthcare, Agriculture, Logistics, Hospitality, Software As A Service, Finance, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Retail, and Commerce.

Q: What don’t you invest in?

We don’t invest in small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profits.

Q: What’s your cheque size?

We write cheques from $25,000 – $500,000, alongside our angel investor community.

Q: What stage do you invest at?

We invest in companies at the earliest stages i.e pre-seed and seed stages.

Q: How can I apply?

You can apply to the Future Africa Fund by filling this form.

Q: Do you lead rounds?

We are very comfortable setting terms and bringing the first cheque into your company!  We can also syndicate a significant amount through our community of angel investors. If you have an existing lead, we will evaluate the terms of the round that are already there and decide if we want to invest alongside the lead.

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Q: How long do you take to decide?

If we are interested in learning more about your company, you should receive an invitation to schedule a call within two weeks of submitting your application. After our call, we’ll aim to respond to you on how we decide to proceed within two to four weeks. 

Q: I have a great idea. Can I apply for funding?

We don’t invest in just ideas. We want to see that you’ve built a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) of your proposed solution if you’re fundraising. To us, this means you’ve taken steps to develop what you intend to build. This MVP can be a website, landing page, a demo or your product prototype.

Q: How do you evaluate pitches?

We evaluate pitches using an internal framework we call TD3. You can read more about it here

Q: Can a solo founder apply for funding?

We encourage you to have a technical co-founder for founders who want to build technology(software or hardware) products.

Q: Can we apply more than once?

Yes, you can apply. Multiple applications are accepted if you’ve made significant progress since your last application.

We look forward to your application and decks and to supporting you as we build the future of Africa. Please apply to the fund with the button below.


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