Lessons from Nadayar Enegesi on Training Engineers at Andela and Growing Eden Life

Lessons from Nadayar Enegesi on Training Engineers at Andela and Growing Eden Life
May 4, 2021 Oreoluwa Aremo
Invest In The Future With Nadayar Enegesi

In the 5th episode of Invest In The Future, Olabinjo Adeniran, our co-founder and Growth Partner, spoke to Nadayar Enegesi, Co-founder and CEO, Eden Life & Co-founder Andela.

Invest In The Future is our live podcast series. We learn from prolific investors and founders who have invested in and built some of Africa and the world’s most impactful technology companies.

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Here’s what we learnt from Nadayar:

On training engineers with Andela 

1.Andela’s core goal has always been to make brilliance build opportunities. 

2.With this, before Nadayar stepped down from his role, Andela recruited individuals who were ‘’super hungry and super intelligent.’’ 

3.‘’Software engineering sounds like something complicated, and when you hear coding, it looks like a different language,’’ Nadayar shares. 

4.‘’But really, at the foundation of it, it is just problem solving,’’ He adds. 

5.While at Andela, a lot of time was spent on teaching problem-solving and having engineers solve every day while working on these problems. 

6.The curriculum focused on problem-solving and then layered on programming language frameworks. 

7.For Nadayar, the most significant revelation during this period is realising that engineers need soft and professional skills to strive.

8.Companies should invest heavily in soft skills training for staff to strive.

9.Some of these soft skills are: asking questions, holistic thinking, relationship building, attention to detail and active listening.

10.During Nadayar’s active years with Andela, 20 soft skills frameworks were covered in the company. 

On solving a crucial problem with Eden Life

1.A simple desire to stay back in Nigeria and help solve a crucial problem birthed the idea to found Eden Life with Prosper Otemuyiwa and Momoh Silm.

2.The first step to building a startup is identifying a problem and turning it into a global business opportunity for making African startups. 

3.Capital remains the biggest blocker for entrepreneurs; this has, in many cases, changed initial startup ideas.

4.This was the case for Nadayar and his small team of advisors. However, it was a blessing in disguise. 

5.This blocker enabled them to dig deeper into the problem of ‘’domestic services’’. 

6.‘’We deal with a lot of nonsense when we go outside, but if we come into our homes, can we at least find peace in there? Can we trust what is going to happen in there? ‘’Nadayar says. 

7.For Nadayar, Eden Life aims to ensure that people can get any domestic service they want without hassle.

8.Eden Life offers food, laundry and cleaning services on a recurring schedule.

9.Users can choose a preferred service(s), and the Eden Life app automatically generates a schedule for the whole year.

10.The reason why this can happen automatically is that ‘’we have built a technology that drives that schedule and drives that accountability,’’ Nadayar shares. 

Using Customer feedback to drive growth 

1.Understanding that customers are the reasons why you build and their feedback is important. 

2.Find scalable ways to make your customers happy with the services you provide continuously. 

3.Customer feedback can be gotten in various ways through apps, surveys, one-on-one phone calls and regular check-ins. 

4.The Eden Life team discovers that customers love to talk to people about their concerns more from this feedback. 

5.Eden Life customers have a ‘’Gardener’’. A Gardener is a home manager trained to handle customer’s home requests with ease and enthusiasm.

6.‘’One of the real value of having a Gardener is as the relationship gets built over time. They share feedback about how the services went and send feedback about desires and things they will like more help with or things that will make their lives easier,’’ Nadayar shares. 

Just like this team did for software development work at Andela, Eden is professionalising the role of ‘help’. Ensuring it is work that educated young people can do with dignity while being well paid for it.

Also helping people who live in cities have saner and more productive lives. 

Listen to the entire conversation with Nadayar below. Find Invest In the Future wherever you listen to podcasts here.


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