A Thematic Fund of FA

In launching a select number of thematic funds, Future Africa is intentionally increasing our breadth and depth in some of the most important and exciting sectors that will impact the continent’s future. 

These funds will combine deep domain expertise and networks with our operational experience to offer founders solving Africa’s toughest education and employment challenges unique resources and support.

Our Focus

We look for innovation across Sub-Saharan Africa, In-and-Out of School, and from Pre-K to Gray and are interested in exceptional edtech founders who are:

Not be afraid to re-wire education entirely

Building businesses driven by learning science and employment outcomes

Seeing new pathways between learners, educators, and employers

These Themes are our primary interests:

Accelerated & Better Learning

Learn to Earn Skills

Digital Transformation of Higher Ed

Market & Employer-Driven Education

Innovative Technology & Education Finance

Our Strategy

We invest in founders solving hard problems in Africa’s largest markets early.  

Our Capital, Coaching, and Community are meant to provide early and follow-on funding, access to unparalleled expertise and know-how, and a dynamic group of collaborators and partners.

Early Investments

Prior to formally launching the Fund, we have made some investments:

Nexford University is an online, next-generation university that provides students access to an international university experience, US degrees and real-world employment skills.

Akili Kids! Is Africa’s first digital broadcast network exclusively focused on delivering high-quality, educational content.  Launched in 2020, over 10 millions kids in Kenya and their caregivers watch per week.

Mobile content marketplace with a strong focus on effective learner engagement that allows anyone to publish, source and buy learning material that drives adult skill-building and employability.

Higher education marketplace for choosing and accessing higher education in SSA, providing unique end-to-end support from application to enrollment to career preparation.


Please contact us if you are interested in being an LP or Strategic Partner in the Fund. And we always want to hear from Founders who are passionate about the Future of Learning.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Co-Founder and General Partner

Julia Moffett, Co-Founder and General Partner

Contact: julia@future.africa